Life Skills at St Ambrose

Our aim is develop key life skills, essential for living in the wider world. The children will develop skills and knowledge and become resilient when faced with a challenge! Practical life skills are an essential part of learning to be independent, feeling confident in the community and help to develop self-esteem. Skills taught within the safe school environment, and most importantly on trips out of the school, teach our children how to achieve tasks that others normally consider as easy.

Our aim is to promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of our pupils, preparing them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life.

Autumn 1-Independence and Helping in the Home

Reception-Ride a bike aound a track.

Year One-Wiping tables, using a broom and duspan and brush.

Year Two-Hoovering

Year Three-Tying shoelaces

Year Four-Folding clothes and making the bed

Year Five-Sewing

Year Six-First Aid Training

Autumn 2 - Cooking

Reception-Make iced cakes.

Year One-Bake some biscuits.

Year Two-Make a pizza.

Year Three-Make muffins.

Year Four-Bake scones.

Year Five-Make burgers.

Year Six-Make a Lord Woolton Pie based on the rations.

Spring 1-Future Careers


Year One-People who help us.

Year Two-Road Safety.

Year Three-Weather Presenter.

Year Four-Lunchtime Supervisor.

Year Five-Photographer

Year Six-Teach a new skill.

Year 6, had the opportunity to be teachers. Across the week, they taught each other about their hobbies and their different skill sets. We had dance sessions, a science lesson, goalkeeper training, a polish lesson, martial arts and drawing to name but a few! 

Spring 2- Money Sense

All classes money sense activities and workshops.

Y3-Milo's Money

Summer 1-Outdoor learning and being creative

EYFS- Building a den
Y1-Post a letter
Y2-Learn to skip/obstacle course
Y3-Make and fly a kite
Y6-Create a class song

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