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Mrs Haskew is the Nursery teacher.


Welcome to our Nursery class page. As part of the ‘St Ambrose Family’ we strive to do our best in all we do. Staff are motivated to provide an exciting curriculum where children are encouraged to learn through, engaging learning experiences which promote individual learning, curiosity in the world around them and strengthening skills and knowledge they have previously learnt.

All Families welcome.

We do have Nursery Funding spaces available. If you’d like more information or would like to come and have a look around please contact the School office 01562 823568.

Year Group Email:

If you would like to get in contact with Mrs Haskew, please email

Our Class Saint

Mary gave birth to Jesus and raised Him with St. Joseph. Mary is the Mother of Jesus, and because of this, she is also the Mother of the Catholic Church and Mother of all the faithful. 

Nursery Funding and Hours

Nursery Hours 

Morning Session 08:45am – 11:45am (3 Hours) 

All Day Session 08:45am – 2:45pm (6 Hours) 

Afternoon Session 12:15pm – 15:15pm (3 Hours)  

Extra Half Hour 14:45pm – 15:15pm (1/2 hour)


We are also pleased to offer before and after school club care through our 'Bee Hive' provision.

If you would like more information about our Nursery, to check session availability or to arrange a visit, please call the school office on 01562 823568.


Please click on the link below for free ebooks for your child. Login as a student.

Username: ambroser

Password: ambroser

We also recognise the importance of singing Nursery Rhymes which is also part of phonics. How many Nursery Rhymes does your child know?



Outdoor Area



Speaking like Fred helps children to understand that words are made up of sounds. Use Fred Talk throughout the day to help children practise blending sounds together.

Fred says...

1. Say: Fred says put your hands on your h-e-d. Ask children to repeat. Pause to allow children to jump in with the whole word and do the action.

2. Say: h-ea-d, head. Ask children to repeat.
Repeat with: b-a-ck, t-u-m, l-e-g, h-a-n-d, f-oo-t, kn-ee, r-u-n, s-k-i-p, h-o-p, s-t-o-p

Fred I spy

  1. Say: Fred says ‘I spy something r-e-d’ Ask children to repeat. Pause to allow children to ‘jump-in’ with the whole word and point to something red.

  2. Say: r-e-d, red. Ask children to repeat.

Repeat with: b-l-ue, g-r-ee-n, b-l-a-ck, b-r-ow-n

Fred’s fridge

Milk m-i-l-k, juice -j-ui-ce; cream c-r-ea-m; eggs e-gg-s; corn c-or-n; grape g-r-ay-p; pear p-ear; peas p-ea-s; leek l-ee-k

Fred’s wardrobe
Scarf s-c-ar-f; hat h-a-t; coat c-oa-t; socks s-o-ck-s; shorts sh-or-t-s; dress d-r-e-ss; skirt s-k-ir-t

Use Fred Talk for single syllabic words at the end of sentences throughout the day. E.g. It is time for l-u-n-ch...lunch, come and sit on the f-l-oor...floor.


Write your name.

Write labels for items in your house.

Physical Development Activities

Gross Motor activities

Sea Lion

Ask your child lie on their stomach with legs straight and arms bent at right angles to the body on either side. Slowly ask them to lift their head until it is level with their back (only 4-5 inches off the ground). The head should not be tilted back, if necessary an adult can place a hand at the top of their spine to let them ‘feel’ where the correct level is. Hold for x 3 building up to x 5; then slowly let the head down to the starting point. Repeat x 1 building up to x 5.

Nosey Sea Lion

Starting position as for the sea lion. Have your child raise their head to the level of the back; then push up with the arms until resting on the forearms. Hold this position for 3 – 5 seconds. Slowly lower the body to the ground keeping the head in line with the back. Repeat x 1 building up to 5 times.

Seal Push-Ups

Have your child lie on their tummy propping on their forearms. Then have them push up onto straight arms and hold this for a count of 5 before slowly lowering back down onto tummy and then repeat. As progress is noted increase the number of repetitions and the length of time the position is held for.


Have your child lie on their tummy with their arms in front of them and then simultaneously raise their head, arms and legs off the ground. Legs should be kept straight. Encourage your child by saying you’re flying like superman”. Start with 5 seconds and work your way up to 20 seconds as your child’s strength increases.

Football Roll

Have your child lie on their tummy propping on their forearms. Place a football between their hands, ask your child to place both hands onto the ball and roll it away from their body (keeping hands/arms in contact with the ball), then roll it back to starting point. Repeat this 5 times. Then ask your child to do the same activity first with their right hand then with their left. As your child’s stamina increases increase the number of repetitions.

Animal walks
Have your child sit on their bottom, with knees bent, feet flat on the floor, and hands flat on the floor beside or slightly behind their bottom. Ask them to lift their bottom off the floor, taking their weight through their hands and feet. Walk forwards, backwards and sideways.

Crab football

Using the crab position (described above) try to kick a football between goalposts – this can be played individually, in pairs or in a small group.


Ask your child to bend their knees and crouch down, resting their hands on the floor in floor in front of them, with their elbows on the inside of their knees. Then they stretch their arms out in front of them, and lean through their hands (keeping elbows straight) as they hop their feet forward. Remember, their legs stay outside of their arms.

Balancing Dog

Have our child start on all fours. Ask them to raise one arm out in front of them and then raise the opposite leg out behind them. Legs should be straight. Hold arm and leg up for a count of 5 before returning to start position and change to raising the other arm/leg. To increase the difficulty increase the length of time the position is held for.

Fine Motor Activities

How many paper clips can you join together?

Can you practise forming your letters?

How many pieces of pasta can you pick up using tweezers in 1 minute?

Make holes in a piece of card using a hole punch. Now get some string and thread it in and out.


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