Our Recent Ofsted Inspection

Our most recent Ofsted inspection took place in december 2022, below are some extracts from the report and you can also view the full report by clicking on the PDF link.

'This is a friendly, supportive place in which to work and learn. Staff expect pupils to be kind, polite and hard working.'

'Pupils treat others with respect and learn to see the value of thoughtful words and actions.'

'The school’s rules are simple, fair and consistent. Everyone understands them and can talk about why it is important to be: ready, respectful and safe.'

‘The school is an orderly safe place.'

'The school’s approach to teaching reading works very well.'

'From the very first day in the early years class, staff pay close attention to words, language and communication. They speak kindly and clearly to children and tell them lots of stories that widen their vocabularies and stimulate their minds.'

'In most subjects, pupils build up knowledge and skills in a logical sequence, because staff know what to teach and when.'

'Parents Inspection report: St Ambrose Catholic Primary 15 and 16 November 2022 3 praise the attention to academic and pastoral matters and are pleased with the way leaders respond to their questions.'

'Indeed, calm, caring leadership from the top colours much of the school’s work and day-to-day life. This is apparent in the attention to everyone’s well-being, the supportive school ethos and ongoing ambition to improve the school further.'

'Leaders keep up to date with government guidance and staff attend appropriate training. Governors and Emmaus multi academy company leaders maintain attentive oversight of safety and welfare matters.'

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St Ambrose Catholic Primary School Ofsted
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