Local Governing Body

LGB Attendance 2022-23

Full Name of Governor Status Date of Appointment Current Term of Appointment Start Date Current Term of Office End Date Term of Office Appointed by Attendance % 2021-22 Attendance % 2022-23 Pecuniary Interest Committee Responsibility
David Gilett Chair/ Foundation 17.01.20 12.04.24 11.04.28 4 years DES and Directors 83.5% 37.5% N Finance Safeguarding, Health and Safety, History and Geography
Michael Jones Vice Chair/Foundation 28.01.19 28.01.23 28.01.27 4 years DES and Directors 100% 100% N PSHE, Pupil Premium, RSE, SEND.
Emma Brocklesby Principal N.A. N.A. N.A. ex officio DES and Directors 100% 100% N All areas
Jodie Gawthorp Staff Governor 5.06.23 5.06.23 4.06.27 4 years Elected by staff vote 100% 100% N Art and Dt
Stephanie Wolfe Foundation 10.01.21 10.01.21 10.1.25 4 years DES and Directors 50.1% 87.5% N R.E and RSE
Natasha Hutton Foundation 11.05.21 11.05.21 10.05.25 4 years DES and Directors 66.8% 50% N Phonics, English, EAL and Early years
John Charuk Foundation 28.01.19 28.01.23 27.01.27 4 years DES and Directors 66.8% 75% N Science, Mathematics
Katherine Webster Parent 5.06.23 5.06.23 4.06.27 4 years Parent vote N.A. 50% N.A. N.A. Safeguarding
Peter Hunter Foundation 24.03.2023 24.03.23 23.03.2027 4 years DES and Directors N.A. # N.A. N.A. Computing and Online Safety

Emmaus Catholic Multi Academy Company

St Ambrose Catholic Primary School is part of the Emmaus Catholic Multi Academy Company, which consists of the following schools working in partnership with one another:

  • Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Primary School
  • Our Lady and St Hubert's Catholic Primary School
  • St Ambrose Catholic Primary School
  • St Francis Xavier Catholic Primary School
  • St Gregory's Catholic Primary School
  • St Mary's Catholic Primary School
  • St Joseph's Catholic Primary School
  • St Philip's Catholic Primary School
  • St Wulstan's Catholic Primary School
  • Hagley Catholic High School

The name Emmaus symbolises that we are all on a journey with our Lord. The disciples’ walk to Emmaus is described as beginning a developing experience of Christ which relates well to our commitment to providing a Catholic education with Christ at the Centre.

The Emmaus story is our story and we recount it to our children, young people, parents and stakeholders so that they recognise Emmaus Catholic MAC and everything that is so unique and special about us.

Please use the following link to take a look at our Emmaus Catholic Multi-Academy Company website:

Emmaus CMAC
St Ambrose Catholic Primary School Ofsted
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