DATE: Friday 26th June

Good afternoon,


We were so pleased to receive the following information from Andy Quinn from Father Hudson’s Care this week: 

‘Normally, during the summer term, we would be inviting schools from across the Archdiocese to attend a Good Shepherd Mass to celebrate fundraising for the vulnerable communities that we aim to help. I am delighted to inform you that Archbishop Bernard has agreed to celebrate the Good Shepherd Mass which will be live streamed and available online on Monday 29th June at 10am. During the bidding prayers we will remember how this has impacted on children’s preparation for Holy Communion, the Sacrament of Reconciliation, Confirmation and major transitions’ 

I’m sure that you would agree that, though we cannot physically come together as a whole school community, it would be wonderful to have the opportunity to be able to celebrate this special Mass online together. Details on how to access the Mass will be sent out via a push notification on Monday at 9am.


Please see the PDF document below to order school uniform. You will be able to order online from 1st July, alternatively you can print, complete and return the form to Hagley Sports at your earliest convenience.


Please click on the link below to complete the survey regarding your access to the internet and IT equipment at home.


School Reports will be available on Wednesday July 8th and to ensure we distribute them efficiently, please complete the survey on School Life or click the link below. This year we will be delivering reports by email, post or giving you the opportunity to collect it in person from the school office.


From today you are able to book your son/daughters parent consultaion appointment via the School Life app. These will take place over the telephone and your child's class teacher will call you at the time you have booked. The appointments will last no more than 10 minutes and can be booked betweem 8.45 and 4.30pm. I know it will be a great opportunity to discuss any concerns and celebrate your son or daughter's achievements.

Date Year Group
Monday 13th July Reception and Year 6
Tuesday 14th July Year 1 and Year 2
Wednesday 15th July Year 3 and Year 4
Thursday 16th July Year 5


We are currently beginning the process of transition across the school in order to ensure that all of the children feel ready and prepared for September. Please share with your son or daughter the school video (see link below), the video will give your son or daughter an insight into what school is like now. Next week children will find out about their new teacher either via a letter, fact file or powerpoint, that we will publish on the class pages on Friday.

Over the next few weeks we will be organising activites to prepare children for September.  Years 2-5 will take part in a zoom call with their present teacher and their new teacher on 8th or 9th July (see times below, details to access the zoom call will be sent out via a push notification in advance). Reception and Year 1 will be able to access a video that will prepare them for their new year group-videos will be on the school website on July 8th. 


Date Year Group/Teachers Sept 2020 Time
8th July Year 2 -Year 3 September 2020 1pm
8th July Year 3-Year 4 September 2020 2pm
9th July Year 4-Year 5 September 2020 10am
9th July Year 5-Year 6 September 2020 11am


I would like to create a garden of hope by our main entrance which will have seven planters arranged in a rainbow. Each class will have the responsibility of growing flowers, plants or vegetables and I feel this will enable our young people to work together with each other and members of our local community. If you have some spare time and would like to support us to develop this area, please speak to a member of school staff or email 


It has been another great week in our Year 6 bubbles. Here’s what the children had to say about it:

‘We had a fitness session with Mr Garvey this week, which was fun at the time but agony the next day. The hardest part was the tuck jumps but I enjoyed the plank challenge against Chloe.’ Adrian - Faith

‘I enjoyed solving the mystery of the Burgled Bangers in our maths lesson and liked finding out who the culprit was. I found out that one of my main suspects ‘Nelly’ was the dog responsible!’ Molly - Faith

‘I enjoyed learning how the Mayans made their number system. We had to work out the numbers that we were given from patters of dots, sticks and shells. Their number system was very different to other number systems I have seen.’ Max – Faith

'We have enjoyed reading our class book 'Holes'.  I'm excited to find out what the boys are digging for.' Rafal - Peace

'I have enjoyed learning about the Mayans because it has been a really fun topic so far.’ Josh - Peace

'It was interesting to learn about the Mayan number system; it's so different to what we know.' George - Peace

'I enjoyed learning about the Mayan Gods.  It was really interesting to research about, and a fun lesson.' James - Peace

'Learning about ratio has been good, it's been a lot easier than we were expecting!’ Luke - Peace

'We enjoyed taking part in a general knowledge quiz with the other Y6 bubble.' Chinzia - Hope

‘I enjoyed the challenge of cracking the code for the Maya numbers.' Emily - Hope

'I have enjoyed using the iPads to research and present information on Pope Francis.' Ashley - Hope



I was lucky enough to take part and pass, a mental health first aid course.
I learnt so much, how triggers can change us from carrying on as 'normal' and Covid-19 has been a massive trigger for us all. Sadly more people in the UK have now died from this virus, than civilians killed in WW11. It is our modern day tragedy and yet most of us may of learnt to do the physical things differently - 2m rule, PPE and hand gel, but how many can honestly say that they have given time for their own mental Health?  
Signs to look for:
Physical - more headaches or stomach upsets.
Suffering from frequent minor illnesses.
Difficulty sleeping or consant tiredness.
Feeling run down.
Lack of care over appearance.
Sudden weight loss or gain.
Emotional - More irritable.
Tearfulness, withdrawn. 
Increased consumption of caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes.
Lack of concentration .
Being louder or loss of confidence. 
Memory loss.
Loss of humour.
These are all linked to stress/ depression/ and or anxiety - talking is the best way '​TAKE 10 TOGETHER'​ find a friend, family member or colleague to chat to, someone who will listen.
Samaritans - Tel 116 123
Saneline - Tel 0300 304 7000
Mind infoline - 0300 123 3393 Text 86463


With a national seat belt enforcement campaign starting next week, West Mercia Police are urging all motorists to stay safe and belt up.  We would like to offer the children the opportunity to design a poster for the campaign.

The campaign is being run across the UK and co-ordinated by NPCC, the National Police Chiefs' Council, to improve road safety and law enforcement.

The campaign is being run from 29th June - 12th July to ensure motorists are using their seatbelts and child restraints correctly and to crack down on offenders who continue to break the law. Seatbelt use is such a significant contributory factor with regards to road collisions and the resulting injuries. In the UK it is a legal requirement for drivers and passengers to wear a seatbelt, unless they have an exemption and it is the driver's legal responsibility to ensure that any passenger under 14 years old is using the appropriate child restraint.

We have been invited to create posters for this campaign. If you would like your child to take part please email in their entries to by Tuesday at 1.30pm and we will forward these to West Mercia Police.


If you require provision for your child because you are a Key Worker, please complete the booking form on the school website for the days you require by the Wednesday at 12.30pm for the following week. We cannot promise that you will be successful in your request, but we will do our best to support you. Bookings for week beginning 29th June will need to be made by Wednesday 24th June.

I thank you for your unfailing support during this difficult and challenging time.


Father Lamb will be continuing to say Mass every day next week at 9am via a live stream from the Prayer Room. You can celebrate Mass with Father by following the link below and selecting the 'Live Stream Masses' tab from the menu on the left hand side.




Family learning has designed some short Signalong workshops for ‘adults - parents and carers’. Each workshop is over one week and contains one 30 minute zoom session per day Monday – Friday. All workshops are free for all (no eligibility criteria) and have limited spaces. 

Adults – Parents, Carers and Grandparents

Signalong 1 Starter Workshop ONLINE

Course Description: Signalong is a key word sign-supported communication system based on British sign language and is used in spoken word order. It uses speech, sign, body language, facial expression and voice tone to reference the link between sign and word. This 5 day (one 30 min session a day) course is a "starter" course for parents, grandparents and adults wishing to learn a few signs to support communication for children and adults.

Start date 06/07/2020 End date 10/07/2020 Start Time 2pm End time 2.30pm Cost Free


Signalong 2 Progression Workshop ONLINE

Course Description: This workshop is for you to progress with Signalong after you have completed Signalong 1 starter workshop. This includes bespoke signs for your personal needs and will cover topics such as money, colours and animals and we will base the teaching very much on your own needs as a group to be able to use signalong in everyday life. 

Start date 20/07/2020 End date 24/07/2020 Start Time 14pm End time 14.30pm Cost Free

Worcestershire County Council have launched a new public campaign called Here2Help. Please follow the link below to access their website.


Please see the useful documents below detailing how to reduce stress and anxiety for you and your child during Covid-19.

Kind regards,

Mrs Brocklesby.

Emmaus CMAC
St Ambrose Catholic Primary School Ofsted
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