DATE: Friday 22nd January 2021

Good afternoon,

As we reach the end of another week of remote learning, I have no doubt that you are all trying hard to balance remote learning with childcare, family and your work responsibilities. Each family will have different needs so please contact school if we can support you in any way. Thank you for your feedback and following on from this every Wednesday afternoon will be a well being activity session. Next Wednesday, we will focus on Saint Nicholas Owen (see below), which will be a break from online tasks. This will enable parents with siblings to complete the same activities.

On Monday 8th February, class teachers will contact parents of all children who are working remotely. Appointments will be via telephone or Teams and can be booked from Tuesday 26th January. Appointments for children who are working in school will be on Monday 22nd February and again can be booked from Tuesday 26th January.


As we approach the weekend again, let us give thanks fot the days that have passed and all that we have achieved and experienced this week. May we place all these things into the hands of our loving God and allow His peace and rest to come to us. May He provide a relaxing and calm weekend for us to allow us to recharge and be refreshed. May He continue to keep us safe and well in these days.




It was so wonderful seeing everyone take part in all the lovely planned activities for our children this week. We started off our day by listening to Father Lamb talk about the life of Saint Wulstan and leading us in prayer. All our pupils were then encouraged to design their own Catholic church because Saint Wulstan believed that country people should have the opportunity to go to Mass so he encouraged the building of churches on rural manors. 

Congratulations to the following winning entries for our Church design challenge who will receive their prizes shortly:


First place: Carmen

"It has lots of love hearts because God loves us and beautiful flowers outside. I looked at some famous Catholic churches before we started and did one with a dome. There is a shiny bell with a ladder and a secret door to it."


Runner up: Eva

Year 1

First place: Tommy


Runner up: Matty

Year 2

First place: Jared


Runner up: Lydia

Runner up: Sophia

Year 3

First place: Gracey

Runner up: Scarlett

Year 4

First place: Sam

Runner up: Amelia

Year 5

First place: Artur


Runner Up: Lilli-Rose

Year 6

First place: Barbara

Runner up: Zachary

Children were also challenged to write a prayer or choose their favourite Bible quote to decorate for a special whole school reflection prayer book we are making. In the afternoon, Miss Holtom challenged us to all take part in at least one of the following activities: go on a walk and spot things that are red (Saint Wulstan is the patron saint of red house team), bake something red, design a Saint Wulstan stained glass window or create a fact-file about his life. We were blown away with everyone's enthusiasm whilst taking part in these activities. Take a look at what some of our pupils got up to:

Home Prayer Areas

Thank you to our Y6 pupils who have sent in photographs of their own prayer areas at home.



Please click on the link below for the winter edition of Raring2Go.




Our remote learning arrangements are reliant on children having access to appropriate IT devices at home. Please contact the school office if you would like us to provide you with an appropriate device.The Government has issued information regarding data and routers available to support pupils who are struggling to get onto the remote lessons due to not having access to the internet. If you require more data or a wireless router please contact the school office.We will then register the pupils that require further support with the DfE and obtain the extra data or routers. Next week staff will share with all children a code of conduct to follow when using Teams.

Latest update on testing and isolation periods.

  • If a child or member of staff tests positive, they now have to self-isolate for at least 10 days, even if they feel well.
  • If they are NOT a known contact of a confirmed case they can return to school if the result is negative, providing they feel well and they have not had a fever for 48 hours.
  • If they are a contact of a confirmed case, they must stay off school for 14 days isolation period, even if they test negative. This is because they can develop the infection at any point up to 14 days after being in contact a confirmed case. This would apply to pupils and staff who have been in a bubble with a positive testing child.  School Leadership will decide which members of staff have come into close proximity with the bubble and therefore also need to self-isolate for 14 days.
  • Please be aware that anyone admitted to hospital is likely to receive a test for Covid, whether they are showing symptoms or not.  
  • Covid symptoms are now being classed as: a persistent cough, high temperature, and/or loss of taste and smell.
  • No action needs to be taken as a school until a test result is shared with us.

Please also note that we cannot request test results, parents have to approach us with results.


As we are unable to hold face to face meetings between teacher and parents we have set up year group email addresses for you to communicate with staff. Please note that emails received after 6pm will be answered the next working day and none over the weekend.

General enquiries:


Year 1:

Year 2:

Year 3:

Year 4:

Year 5:

Year 6:

Kind regards,

Mrs Brocklesby.

Emmaus CMAC
St Ambrose Catholic Primary School Ofsted
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