Rapid Recall Maths

Welcome to our Rapid Recall Maths pages. These are a series of maths tests to build and develop your child's instant recall facts in maths.

All children from Reception to Year 6 will be given a Maths Passport to keep in school. This document will accompany your child on their exciting journey through the world of mental maths. This important document shows your child the steps they need to take, as well as the direction they will travel in on their learning journey and will track the progress they make as they develop their rapid recall of key number facts.

How far each child travels and how quickly is up to them. They will find some parts of their learning journey more difficult than others, but all of them will be made easier by the work they choose to do independently, practising the different skills needed in order to achieve the objectives and successfully pass through the different stages.

There is no limit to how many countries within the passport a child can complete in each year group -rates of success will be down to them. Copies of example tests will be available below to help practise but we recommend practising using these skills across a range of contexts to ensure learning is embedded. Children should continue to practise until their answers are perfect at speed every time - then they know they've nailed it! Children will need to complete three tests successfully for each objective before moving onto the next. Once all of the objectives within a country have been completed, children will need to sit a final 'Passport Control' test consisting of a mixture of questions covering all of the objectives within that destination. Once they have passed this test their passport will be stamped by Passport Control (a reward given in their key stage assembly, marking their achievement) and they can begin working towards the next country's objectives. Once they have completed a continent, they will receive a coloured Rapid Recall pencil in whole school assembly.

Good luck and bon voyage!

Emmaus CMAC
St Ambrose Catholic Primary School Ofsted
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