Date: 7th September 2018

Good afternoon everyone,

Welcome Back! I hope you have had an enjoyable summer. The children have certainly had lots of exciting stories to share.

Welcome to our new Reception children and their families who are settling in really well. We wish all our new families a special St Ambrose welcome, and we hope they will continue to enjoy their time at St Ambrose School. We look forward to working with you.

I know you will continue to work with us, so your child can grow in confidence, with a love of learning, and a determination to be the best person they can be.

Please can you all support us by explaining to your child that treating everyone with respect, being on time and in school everyday, wearing the correct uniform and working hard in school is important to you. These are also important life skills. The value you place on these will be the value your child holds.

It is lovely to see so many children returning to school, looking so smart in their school uniform. However, to complement this smart appearance, we also expect that children will attend school with suitable haircuts.

We are all busy people, but please put a routine in place whereby children know they must do their home learning - homework, reading etc... Reading from real books (not electronic) is important for children to develop a love of books. Having a range of books at home and regular visits to the library also encourages this. At this time, turn the television/computer off. Use the television/computer as incentives for work done - they will value it more.

Your children are your most important gift from God. Treasure them, help them, guide them and support them - Thank you.

We, in school, will do everything we can to help your child to do their best. Let us know if we can support you in any way. Remember we operate an open door policy - feel free to book an appointment with your child's class teacher/teaching assistant if you have concerns or need support, help or advice.


On Tuesday at 2pm we will be coming together as a school in the hall to take part in the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament led by Archbishop Bernard from his Chapel via a live stream. If you are free we would welcome any parents or family members to join us.


My name is Steve Brennan and I am the PTA chairman here at St Ambrose.

Let me introduce you to your committee:

Steve Brennan - Chair

Catherine Morris - Vice Chair

Claire Gibson - Treasurer

Claire Jenkins - Secretary

We started the new PTA back in May with as little as 7 weeks to the summer fete. Our main aim is to raise funds for a school library. In total we need to raise £6000 for new books and we will meet this challenge as soon as we can.

We started this venture with not a penny in the bank, so firstly I would like to say a huge thank you, to you, the parents of the school, for the donations and help you have given to us so far.

We have asked for so much in a small amount of time and we managed to deliver an amazing summer fete with a great result. We have given the school £1750 so far and a local councillor Fran has given us £500 which will be given to the school.

What's next?

The Friday Tuc shop will continue, weather permitting.

In October we will be holding a fancy dress disco...details to follow.

In December we be holding a Christmas event...details to follow.

There are plenty of events planned throughout the school year, which will be discussed at future PTA meetings and we would love to see you there! (Dates to be confirmed)

We would welcome your ideas/suggestions & we are always happy to speak with anyone via our Facebook page or in the school playground.

Please like the Facebook page you can follow the link below.

Facebook page:

Many thanks once again for your continued support!

Steve Brennan


Children can wear their school uniforms to celebrate Education Sunday to Mass on Sunday.

NEW CLASSES 2018-19:

We hope the children have enjoyed the first week in their new classes. We have lots of exciting things coming up throughout the year. Staff will be sending out a curriculum plan next Friday to enable you to support your son or daughter with their education this year.


Whole School Masses - Wednesday 9:30am

3rd October Harvest
(School Hall) 7th December St Ambrose Feast Day
21th December - 10:30am End of Term
9th January 2019 Start of new term
6th March 2019 Ash Wednesday
12th April 2019 - 10:30am End of Term (Easter)
1st May 2019 Start of Term
19th July 2019 - 10:30am End of Term (Summer)

Parish/School Family Masses - Sunday 11:00am

14th October Y6 Confirmation Commitment Mass
10th February Family Mass: KS2


4th December Y6 Confirmation 7pm
22nd June 2019 Y3 Holy Communion 12pm
28th June 2019 Y3 Benediction 2:30pm

Parish/School Masses - Wednesday 9:15am

19th September Y6
26th September Y5
3rd October - 9:30am Whole School: Harvest
10th October Y4
17th October Y3
24th October Reception, Y1 and Y2
7th November Y6
14th November Y5
21st November Y4
28th November Y3
7th December - 9:30am Whole School Mass
12th December Reception, Y1 and Y2
21st December - 10:30am Whole School Mass
9th January 2019 Whole School Mass
16th January 2019 Y6
23rd January 2019 Y5
30th January 2019 Y4
13th February 2019 Y3
27th February 2019 Reception, Y1 and Y2
6th March 2019 Whole School Mass
13th March 2019 Y6
20th March 2019 Y5
27th March 2019 Y4
3rd April 2019 Reception, Y1, Y2 and Y3
12th April 2019 - 10:30am Whole School Mass
1st May 2019 Whole School Mass
8th May 2019 Y6
15th May 2019 Y5
22nd May 2019 Y4
5th June 2019 Y3
12th June 2019 Reception, Y1 and Y2
19th June 2019 Y6
26th June 2019 Y5
3rd July 2019 Y4
10th July 2019 Reception, Y1, Y2 and Y3
19th July 2019 - 10:30am Whole School Mass
18th July 2019 - 6pm Y6 Leavers Mass

Class Assemblies:

5th October Y1 Harvest
30th November Y5

Confirmation Meetings:

10th October First Meeting (Parents Only)
14th October Commitment Mass
17th October 2nd Meeting
7th November 3rd Meeting
13th November 4th Meeting
28th November 5th Meeting

Other Events:

10th October-12th October Y6 at Pioneer Centre
12th October TED day
17th December KS1 Nativity Dress rehearsal pm
18th December KS1 Nativity pm
19th December KS1 Nativity am
20th December Parish and KS2 Carol Concert 7pm
14th February 2019 Y5 Hagley Pyramid Concert
15th July 2019 Sports Day
16th July 2019 Reserve Sports Day

Autumn Term Parents Evening:

24th October 5pm-7:30pm
25th October 3:30pm-6pm

Spring Term Parents Evening:

27th March 2019 5pm-7:30pm
28th March 2019 3:30pm-6pm

Summer Term Parents Evening:

17th July 2019 3:30pm-6pm


Thank you to everyone who has shared my excitement as I am expecting a baby at the beginning of October. I will be going on maternity leave towards the end of September. Mrs Stewart will be the Acting Principal, Miss Holtom will be Acting Assistant Principal leading Key Stage 2 and Miss Brewer will be Acting Assistant Principal leading Early Years and Key Stage 1.


Miss Brewer, Miss Holtom, Mrs Leak, Miss Crumpler, Mrs Baylie, Mrs Fish, Miss Wright, Mrs Price, Mr Garvey and Mr Turner will be taking part in the Wild Warrior Challenge.

Click the link below to find out what they have let themselves in for.

Please help us by sponsoring them. All money raised will go towards new reading books for all the children at St Ambrose.


Year Group This Week
Whole School 96.4%
Reception 94.5%
Year 1 94.6%
Year 2 99.2%
Year 3 98.6%
Year 4 95.7%
Year 5 96.0%
Year 6 95.8%

Well Done Year 2!!!


Best wishes,

Mrs Brocklesby.


We have places available in Reception, Year 3 & Year 5. If you know of anyone who would be interested please refer them to the school office in the first instance. Many thanks.


If you or anyone you know would be interested in going along to the Parish Baby and Toddler group, the sessions are held on a Wednesday from 9-11am. We welcome newborn up to pre-school children and their parents. Your first session will be free of charge and thereafter will be 80p. This cost includes refreshments for you and your child. They have an array of toys and activities for you and your child to enjoy and this is also a great opportunity to meet and socilaise with other families. If you have any enquiries please see the Facebook page 'St Ambrose Toddlers Kidderminster'.



Sunday 11am & 6pm

St Ambrose


Saturday 11:45am - 12:45pm, and by request.

Stars of the Week

Diary Dates


Class Assemblies