Our Catholic Mission: 'We do our best by following Jesus.'

Executive Head: Mrs E Brocklesby

Head of School: Mrs S Laskey

email: enquiry_amb@emmasumac.com

Contact number: 01562 823568

Our Catholic Mission: 'We do our best by following Jesus.'

Friday 2nd February 2024

Can we please remind you that Parent's Evening will be held on Tuesday 6th February and Thursday 8th February between 3.30-6pm. You will only need to book one slot with your child's class teacher on either of the days. If you are having any difficulty booking please speak to the school office and they will be happy to help you.

It has been brought to our attention that parents are pulling up and dropping their children off directly outside the school gates. This is causing congestion and other cars are not able to pass. In light of the horrific accident today on the Birmingham Road, can we please ask that you are pulling into a space to allow your child to get out of the car safely and that you are not blocking the road.

Message from Mrs Brocklesby

At Saint Ambrose School, we take safeguarding and safety very seriously. It is important that we continue to review all our procedures, taking into account even those events that are very unlikely to occur. As part of this process, we have a procedure called “lockdown” We will be practising this procedure on Thursday 8th February. 
A lockdown procedure is a standard health and safety procedure, similar to a fire drill. Our lockdown procedure would be used when there is a threat to the safety of pupils, staff and others in the school, and when it is safer for everyone to remain in school than evacuate. All children will be kept safe by confining them to a secure place of safety. Before the lockdown I will deliver an assembly to explain the procedure clearly and at an age-appropriate level. If you would like to discuss this, please contact the school office or email ebrocklesby@emmausmac.com

Message from Miss Brewer

It has been wonderful being on the gate this week seeing so many children initiating saying 'good morning' and asking me how I am. On Wednesday we attended Whole School Mass. Key Stage Two were very eager to begin their Mass and were all sat reverently when EYFS and Key Stage One arrived.  Father Lamb spoke to the children about his years as a teacher and expressed the importance of educators.  Year 6 chose to end our Mass with the uplifting hymn 'Shine Jesus Shine'. On returning to school, Father Lamb asked the children to say special prayers for their teachers and show their appreciation. We took time to think about 'Saint Angela Merici' who was a religious educator. 

Rockstar Number Day!

If MATHS were a house...

COUNTING would be the foundations - you can't build a house without solid foundations!

ADDTION & SUBTRACTION is the basement


The upper floors come next, but we need a solid bottom half of the house for these to stay upright!



If you took a sledgehammer to the bottom of the house, what would happen?  It would all fall down!

So we need a really solid knowledge of COUNTING, ADDITION & SUBTRACTION and MULTIPLICATION & DIVISION to be able to do all everything else in Maths!


Lucky for us, TTRS & Numbots helps with that, and more importantly, keeps it FUN!

What an incredible Rockstar day!

Seeing everyone walk through the gate this morning with coloured hair, neon glasses, tattooed arms and all kinds of sparkles showed what kind of fantastic day we were going to have.

We started with a rockin' assembly, with over 180 children earning studio speeds and passing their robots! We played our air guitars and cheered during our Y6 v Teachers times tables games... Y6 WON!!!

Every class had some time to play on TTRS or Numbots throughout the day, and in KS2 the children took part in the NSPCC number competition - hopefully there will be even more certificates to give out next week!

Across the school, each class was given a jar full of sweets, linked to our whole-school maths book 'How many jelly beans?' They've done lots of different activities linked to the jar of sweets, and there was even enough sweets left over for everyone to enjoy a handful at the end.

I want to say a massive thank you to all children, staff and parents who have helped to make this such a fantastic day. Bring on Rockstar Day 2025!

Mrs Shevas

Year 2 quotes:
"It was the best day of my life because it was Rockstar day and I love playing on Times tables rockstars and Number Bots because they are my favourite things."
"Today was a good day because we got to do really fun number acitivities."
"This is the best day ever because it all about Maths and we are having lots of fun as rockstars."
"Today was the best day of my life because all day we got to do Maths activities and I enjoyed dressing up as a rock star with all my friends."
Year 4 quotes:
"I've had a really fun and interesting day dressing up as rock stars."
"Brilliant, fun in assembly watching pupils play against the teachers on times table rock stars"
Year 6 quotes:

"I really liked when we played TTRS during assembly because I won!"

"I enjoyed playing TTRS in class – it was good to play against each other in arena mode."

"I like practising my times tables on TTRS."

"I enjoyed estimating how many sweets were in the jar, and finding out by creating a tally chart."

"I enjoyed rockin’ out during assembly!"

This years Valentines Bakes Off will be held on Wednesday 7th February. All entries to be brought into the school office and they will be judged and then sold to the children during the day and any remaining cakes will be sold from the school hall at the end of the day to parents and families.

Cupcakes and biscuits would be preferred due to them being easier to hand out when selling.

To buy a cake, children will need to bring in a maximum of £1 cash on the day in a named envelope or purse.



On Thursday 8th February, the Reception children will be celebrating Chinese New Year. Could you please send your child into school wearing red, yellow or gold coloured clothes.

Reception Friday
Year 1 Tuesday and Thursday
Year 2 Tuesday and Friday
Year 3 Tuesday and Thursday
Year 4 Tuesday and Friday
Year 5 Tuesday and Wednesday
Year 6 Tuesday

Half Term Activities


Kidderminster Harriers Community Scheme will be holding our holiday football courses during half term. Course run 10am-3pm and are open to children aged 5-13 years. Younger children can attend for half days if they prefer.  The courses will feature our Goalscorers Award and a mini soccer tournament, everyone who competes receive a prize.

Cost: Online price: 1 day = £10, 2 days = £20, 3 days = £28 Half days (5-7 years only)@ £5 per day 10-12.30 or 1-3pm - 10% sibling discount 

Pay on the day price:  1 day = £12, 2 days = £22, 3 days = £30 Half days @ £6 per day- No sibling discount

The venues are:-  

Droitwich Leisure Centre Astro– Monday 12th & Tuesday 13th *£15 per day

Kinver Sports & Community Association DY7 6ER - Monday 12th & Tuesday 13th 

Worcester – Bishop Perowne College - Monday 12th & Tuesday 13th 

Malvern – Dyson Perrins Academy  - Tuesday 13th & Wednesday 14th 

Bromsgrove - Catshill Middle School - Wednesday 14th & Thursday 15th 

Cleobury Mortimer Sports Centre - Thursday  15th & Friday 16th  

Kidderminster – Baxter College - Wednesday 14th, Thursday 15th & Friday 16th 


Please bring both indoor and outdoor footwear, packed lunch, drinks, umbrella and waterproof clothing. Online price is available until Friday 9th Feb after which pay on the day price applies. 

To book a place email harrierscommunity@hotmail.co.uk 

We do not save your details so please email details EACH time you book!



Any Medical Conditions:              

Emergency Contact number: 

Course Venue:                                                      

Days attending:                                      

 Payment details will be sent with confirmation of booking. 

Monday 5th February 7pm MAC Year 5 Pyramid Concert
Tuesday 6th February All Day Safer Internet Day
--------------------------- 3.30pm - 6pm Parents' Evening 1
Wednesday 7th February 9.15am Reception, Y1 and Y2 Class Mass
--------------------------- -------------------------- Visit from West Mercia Police Youth Engagement Team (Y5 & Y6)
--------------------------- -------------------------- TAPP Valentine's Bake Off
Thursday 8th February 3.30pm - 6pm Parents' Evening 2
--------------------------- All Day Reception celebrating Chinese New Year - They can come to school wearing red, yello or gold.
Monday 19th February -------------------------- Return to School for Spring Term 2
Wednesday 21st February 9.15am Year 6 Class Mass
Friday 1st March 9.15am St Chad's House Mass (Yellow House)
Wednesday 6th March 9.15am Year 5 Class Mass
Thursday 7th March All Day World Book Day - More information to follow
Wednesday 13th March 9.15am Year 4 Class Mass
Friday 15th March All Day Y5 Trip
Friday 22nd March 9.15am Whole School Mass
-------------------------- --------------------------- Break up for Easter

Regular attendance at school means that your child will make the most of their education and improve their chances later on in life. At St Ambrose, good attendance is of high importance and we strive to have at least 96% attendance. Please help us with this target. If you need any support, then school is here to help so that your child can get the very best out of the education we provide. 

We will continue sending out regular push notifications about attendance so that you are aware if you child falls below our 96% target and we are working with Louise Howles, our Education Welfare Officer to support us with improvements.

Year Group This Week Academic Year
Whole School 94.7% 92.4%
Reception 94.9% 91.5%
Year 1 96.2% 91.5%
Year 2 94.7% 90.0%
Year 3 92.1% 91.9%
Year 4 99.1% 96.6%
Year 5 96.6% 93.6%
Year 6 96.2% 92.7%

Mass Times at St. Ambrose Catholic Church


The Bee Hive Club is now open. The Club is based in the Bee Hive which is the nursery building currently.

Opening Times

The Bee Hive Club is open to children between 7.45am – 8.45am & 3.20pm - 6.00pm every school day.

There is a minimum of two qualified members of staff and a ratio of one member of staff to eight children under the age of eight years.

The Bee Hive Admissions Policy

The Bee Hive (Before and After School Club) will admit any child who attends St Ambrose School subject to availability of places, and the admissions criteria below.

The Bee Hive Morning Club will accept up to 20 children on any one day.  The Bee Hive Evening Club will accept up to 20 children on any one day. The club operates a minimum staffing of one adult per eight children under the age of 8 years.

Term Dates

Term Dates
Autumn Term 1 Monday 4th September - Friday 27th October
Autumn Term 2 Monday 6th November - Friday 22nd December
Spring Term 1 Monday 8th January - Friday 9th February
Spring Term 2 Monday 19th February - Friday 22nd March
Summer Term 1 Monday 8th April - Friday 24th May
Summer Term 2 Monday 3rd June - Monday 22nd July
Staff Training Days Monday 4th, Tuesday 5th September 23. Friday 6th October 23. Friday 9th February 24. Monday 22nd July 24.

Kind Regards,

Mrs Laskey and Mrs Brocklesby