Our Catholic Mission: 'We do our best by following Jesus.'

Friday 24th November 2023

Teapot Tuesday will be 3-3.20pm

5th December

19th Decermber                                                                                    

And returning in the New Year on Tuesday 16th Jan 

A huge thank you to everyone that brought in a bottle today for the Parish Christmas Bazaar.

Don't forget that next week we are kindly asking for donations of cakes/mince pies.


Can we please remind you that the school gate opens at 8.40am and closes at 8.50am. Any children coming in after this time must sign in at the school office.

Message from Mrs Brocklesby

As another week draws to an end, thank you to the children who went away, following my assembly about Talents, to demonstrate how, ' We do our best by following Jesus.' At Saint Ambrose we live out our Mission everyday and aim to go the extra mile in everything we do. As we celebrate the Feast of Christ the King this Sunday the Gospel reminds us that every act of kindness done to someone else is also done to Jesus and it will be rewarded accordingly.

I believe we can all teach kindness as it is a fact we learn to be kind by receiving kindness.  The best places to learn kindness are at home and in school so this week in assembly we will be thinking about how we can show kindness. Please email ebrocklesby@emmausmac.com if you would like to share your son or daughter's acts of kindness, they will be celebrated in classes.

You will notice this week the weekly round up is written by Miss Brewer, this is because Mrs Laskey is ill. I am sure you would like to send her your good wishes along with the staff and children for a speedy recovery. We are looking forward to seeing her back in school soon. 

Message from Miss Brewer

It has been wonderful to walk around classes this week and see all the children so enthusiastic to talk about their learning. On Wednesday Mr Thomas the Chaplain from Hagley visited our school. Our Liturgy leaders walked around school with him looking at our Prayer areas. 
In our daily worship this week we have been having a prayer workout. Just as our bodies get fitter when we exercise, the more we practise being a loving person, the better we get at it! This week’s prayers help children to use their bodies to act out their prayer intentions – training to love!
Be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his power… Pray in the Spirit at all times. Ephesians 6: 10,18
Key Stage One have been eager to share some of their learning from this week.
This week in Reception, we have been learning all about Emperor Penguins. We enjoyed listening to the story 'Where is home little Pip?'. The children have eagerly wanted to find out lots of facts about penguins. 
"They are great swimmers, and they catch their food" - Louis 
"They waddle and huddle up to share their hotness to other penguins" - Evie 
"They live in Antarctica, it is very cold" - Nathaniel 
"The have webbed feet so they can be good at swimming" - Henry 
In Year One the children have enjoyed learning about Guy Fawkes. This week they have been detectives by using sources of evidence to back up statements.
Charlotte: I saw the barrels in the cellar.
Paddy: I found the warning letter that got sent to the king.
Bowie: I loved being a detective and looking at the different pictures.
This week in Year 2 we have been doing lots of lovely learning. 
In PE we have been doing our topic of 'net and wall' they have been sending the ball into spaces away from our opponents.
In writing we have started our new topic of writing a diary based on the storybook, 'Limelight Larry'.
"I liked writing this week because I we got to write a diary pretending to be different characters."
"I like it when we do our star write because it's fun"
In Maths we have been learning to add and subtract different numbers. 
"I like using the base ten to help me add two number together."
In RE this week we have been learning about the example of  different saints and important events in their lives.
"I learnt that St Jospeh helped Mary and loved her and he also helped Jesus"

Following the parents evenings held last week we have emailed a parent questionnaire to all families via Arbor. Year 3 and Y6 parents should have received theirs today. You can also access the questionnaire by clicking the following link.

Your time to complete the questionnaire would be very much appreciated.

Year Group Curriculum Discipleship
Reception Everley Elwood
Year 1 Charlotte Nicole
Year 2 Harper Yonghao
Year 3 Lily P Amara
Year 4 Dan P Gianna
Year 5 Leighton Szymon
Year 6 Cian Isaac


Regular attendance at school means that your child will make the most of their education and improve their chances later on in life. At St Ambrose, good attendance is of high importance and we strive to have at least 96% attendance. Please help us with this target. If you need any support, then school is here to help so that your child can get the very best out of the education we provide. 

We will continue sending out regular push notifications about attendance so that you are aware if you child falls below our 96% target and we are working with Louise Howles, our Education Welfare Officer to support us with improvements.

Year Group This Week This Term
Whole School 96.8% 94.6%
Reception 100% 95.4%
Year 1 98.5% 96.2%
Year 2 93.4% 91.4%
Year 3 98.4% 94.0%
Year 4 98.9% 97.3%
Year 5 93.2% 95.2%
Year 6 97.7% 94.5%

Mass Times at St. Ambrose Catholic Church

The things achieved by the children outside of school are incredible.

Last week at the remembrance parade, Violet laid the 1st Kidderminster Girls’ Brigade wreath along side her dad who is an Army veteran.

Important Dates

Date/Time Event
Tuesday 28th November - 6pm Confirmation Meeting in Parish Hall
Wednesday 29th November - 9.15am Year 4 Mass - All welcome
Thursday 30th November St Andrews Lunch - Orders to be made via School Food United
Friday 1st December Cake/Mince pie donations for the Parish Christmas Bazaar
Sunday 3rd December - 12pm First Sunday of Advent
Parish Christmas Bazaar being held after 11am Mass - All families warmly invited to attend
Tuesday 5th December - Time to be confirmed Confirmation Service of Prayer and Practice
Wednesday 6th December - 11am Whole School Mass - All welcome
Thursday 7th December - 7pm Confirmation Mass
Feast of St Ambrose
Wednesday 13th December - 9.15am Year 3 Mass - All welcome
Wednesday 13th - Friday 15th December Year 6 Residential Trip
Tuesday 19th December 9.30am KS2 Carol Concert - In Church
Tuesday 19th December 1.45pm KS1 Nativity - In School
Wednesday 20th December 9.30am KS1 Nativity - In School
Wednesday 20th December 1.30pm KS2 Carol Concert - In Church
Thursday 21st December Christmas Lunch - Please order on the School Food United app/website
Whole School Christmas Party Day
Friday 22nd December 9.30am Whole School Mass - In Church - All welcome

The Parish Christmas Bazaar will take place after 11am Mass on Sunday 3rd of December. All children and families are warmly invited to attend to help support the Parish. Not only will there be stalls and refreshments, Father Christmas will also be paying a visit too!! Please see the flyer below for more information. 

We are kindly asking for the following donations:

24th November - Bottles

1st December - Cakes and/or Mince Pies


Each class has been given a knitted toy that the teachers will raffle off to their class, to parents or their family members. Each ticket will cost £1 and all donations will go to the Parish towards their Christmas Bazaar total. More information will be given next week.

Dear parents/carers,
Please see the message below from KIXX who are offering activity clubs for children over the Christmas break.
We are excited to announce bookings for our Christmas and New Year holiday camps are live!
We will be running Wed-Fri for 6 days on the 27/28/29th December and 3/4/5th of January 9-2pm.
As usual there will be lots of football with some dance and martial arts as well for ones who wish to participate.
FREE places are available with a HAF code. Paid places are available to everybody whether you are a Kixx member or not.
Please book up early to avoid disappointment.
To register and get verified for your HAF code please firstly click on the following link
To Book your space please fill out the form below


The Bee Hive Club is now open. The Club is based in the Bee Hive which is the nursery building currently.

Opening Times

The Bee Hive Club is open to children between 7.45am – 8.45am & 3.20pm - 6.00pm every school day.

There is a minimum of two qualified members of staff and a ratio of one member of staff to eight children under the age of eight years.

The Bee Hive Admissions Policy

The Bee Hive (Before and After School Club) will admit any child who attends St Ambrose School subject to availability of places, and the admissions criteria below.

The Bee Hive Morning Club will accept up to 20 children on any one day.  The Bee Hive Evening Club will accept up to 20 children on any one day. The club operates a minimum staffing of one adult per eight children under the age of 8 years.

Term Dates

Term Dates
Autumn Term 1 Monday 4th September - Friday 27th October
Autumn Term 2 Monday 6th November - Friday 22nd December
Spring Term 1 Monday 8th january - Friday 9th February
Spring Term 2 Monday 19th february - Friday 22nd March
Summer Term 1 Monday 8th April - Friday 24th May
Summer Term 2 Monday 3rd June - Monday 22nd July
Staff Training Days Monday 4th, Tuesday 5th September 23. Friday 6th October 23. Friday 9th February 24. Monday 22nd July 24.

Kind Regards,

Mrs Laskey and Mrs Brocklesby