Our Catholic Mission: 'We do our best by following Jesus.'

Executive Head: Mrs E Brocklesby

Head of School: Mrs S Laskey

email: enquiry_amb@emmasumac.com

Contact number: 01562 823568

Our Catholic Mission: 'We do our best by following Jesus.'

Friday 1st December 2023

Once again we would like to thank you for your generous donations of cakes and mince pies for the Parish Bazaar.

The support and donations they have received over the last 3 weeks have been amazing and they extend a huge thank you to all the families who have brought in donations.

You are all warmly invited to attend both the 11am Mass and then the Bazaar afterwards on Sunday 3rd December.

Teapot Tuesday will be 3-3.20pm

5th December

19th Decermber                                                                                    

And returning in the New Year on Tuesday 16th Jan 


Can we please remind you that the school gate opens at 8.40am and closes at 8.50am. Any children coming in after this time must sign in at the school office.

Message from Mrs Brocklesby

During the Season of Advent we take time to carefully prepare the school community for the coming of Our Lord, Jesus Christ at Christmas time, by putting together weekly Advent Liturgies to correspond with each week of Advent. On Monday all children will receive a Walk with Me Advent and Christmas Calendar. The children’s calendar is a fun and creative gift to help families come close to Christ during Advent as we prepare for Christmas.

It is also a great way to help us all look forward to Christmas and prepare together. The calendar enables us all to create space for us to engage with Advent as a family in a fun way.


Message from Miss Brewer

When the Son of Man comes in His glory, escorted by all the angels, then He will take His seat on His throne of glory. Matthew 25: 31


This week we celebrated the Feast of Christ as King and remember Jesus’ promise to return in glory. In these prayers, children are reminded that God is with us now loving us and guiding us in every part of our day. Children were introduced to the concept of freedom and how we make different choices in life and, through the analogy of an outing to a park, they were invited to reflect on how we can listen to God guiding us when we feel stuck, scared, discouraged, or frustrated.


Today we have been busy preparing our prayer tables for the season of Advent.


Advent OneLife Stream


We joined Dan, Emily and thousands of other children across the country as we celebrated the beautiful season of Advent, through prayer and song! We sang Awake Awake which we had been learning as a school in preparation for Advent.


Our Prayer Response was: Maranatha! Come, Lord Jesus! Alleluia! Alleluia! Maranatha! Come, Lord Jesus! Alleluia! Amen.

We all enjoyed this reflective session and it was a lovely start to the liturgical season of Advent.  Please see some quotes from the children.

I really like when Dan and Emily sing the songs because they sing them with meaning. Also they show how much they love God. Y4

I enjoyed the shout outs Dan and Emily do. I feel ready for Advent. Y4

I loved singing Awake Awake-Y1

I really enjoyed that we could enjoy lots of songs and celebrate an important time in Advent.  Y5

It was great to hear that St Ambrose had a shout out during the livestream. It made us feel closer to other communities. Y5

The livestream made me think more about what Advent actually is and why it is so important. Y5

The children are very excited that the stage is up and our Nativity rehearsals have officially started this week. Thank you for helping your child learn their lines at home. Please can we have all costumes in by the end of next week.

The Feast of St Ambrose

Next week is a very special week for us all as we celebrate the Feast Day of Saint Ambrose. On Wednesday we have a morning of recollection for both Key Stages in the school, ending with Mass at 11:15 am. On the Solemnity of Saint Ambrose Bishop David Evans will Confirm our children during Mass at 7pm. Bishop David Evans will visit the Confirmation children in school and support them with the next step on their faith journey. Please remember all our children in your prayers.

International Mass

The Big Ambition – Have your say!

The Children’s Commissioner for England, Dame Rachel de Souza, has launched The Big Ambition, a national survey of children and young people across England. 


The Big Ambition aims to hear from children across England on what they think is important! In the lead up to the next General Election, the Children’s Commissioner wants to take children’s thoughts, opinions and ideas to decision-makers, to make sure that the Government hears young people’s voices on what they think needs to be done to make children’s lives better in England. 


The Big Ambition survey will be open until Friday 15th December. 


The Big Ambition is open to children and young people in England aged 0-18 years old. The survey has gone to schools across England so we can start to hear from children and young people aged from 6 to 18. Parents are also being encouraged to complete the survey for those who may need additional support or on behalf of younger children (under 6) to make sure the needs of early years children are represented too.


The survey takes around 10 minutes to complete and can be completed on mobile phones, tablets, laptops and computers.


Please use the link to the right to access the survey. 


Year Group Curriculum Discipleship
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5
Year 6

Regular attendance at school means that your child will make the most of their education and improve their chances later on in life. At St Ambrose, good attendance is of high importance and we strive to have at least 96% attendance. Please help us with this target. If you need any support, then school is here to help so that your child can get the very best out of the education we provide. 

We will continue sending out regular push notifications about attendance so that you are aware if you child falls below our 96% target and we are working with Louise Howles, our Education Welfare Officer to support us with improvements.

Year Group This Week This Term
Whole School 92.8% 94.0%
Reception 95.8% 95.3%
Year 1 86.4% 93.7%
Year 2 91.3% 91.3%
Year 3 93.2% 93.1%
Year 4 93.7% 97.0%
Year 5 97.3% 95.0%
Year 6 92.3% 94.2%

Mass Times at St. Ambrose Catholic Church

Important Dates

Date/Time Event
Sunday 3rd December - 12pm First Sunday of Advent
Parish Christmas Bazaar being held after 11am Mass - All families warmly invited to attend
Tuesday 5th December - Time to be confirmed Confirmation Service of Prayer and Practice
Wednesday 6th December - 11am Whole School Mass - All welcome
Thursday 7th December - 7pm Confirmation Mass
Feast of St Ambrose
Wednesday 13th December - 9.15am Year 3 Mass - All welcome
Wednesday 13th - Friday 15th December Year 6 Residential Trip
Tuesday 19th December 9.30am KS2 Carol Concert - In Church
Tuesday 19th December 1.45pm KS1 Nativity - In School
Wednesday 20th December 9.30am KS1 Nativity - In School
Wednesday 20th December 1.30pm KS2 Carol Concert - In Church
Thursday 21st December Christmas Lunch - Please order on the School Food United app/website
Whole School Christmas Party Day
Friday 22nd December 9.30am Whole School Mass - In Church - All welcome

The Parish Christmas Bazaar will take place at 11am after Mass on Sunday 3rd of December. All children and families are warmly invited to attend to help support the Parish. Not only will there be stalls and refreshments, Father Christmas will also be paying a visit too!! Please see the flyer below for more information. 



Each class has been given a knitted toy that the teachers will raffle off to their class, to parents or their family members. Each ticket will cost £1 and all donations will go to the Parish towards their Christmas Bazaar total. More information will be given next week.

Dear parents/carers,
Please see the message below from KIXX who are offering activity clubs for children over the Christmas break.
We are excited to announce bookings for our Christmas and New Year holiday camps are live!
We will be running Wed-Fri for 6 days on the 27/28/29th December and 3/4/5th of January 9-2pm.
As usual there will be lots of football with some dance and martial arts as well for ones who wish to participate.
FREE places are available with a HAF code. Paid places are available to everybody whether you are a Kixx member or not.
Please book up early to avoid disappointment.
To register and get verified for your HAF code please firstly click on the following link
To Book your space please fill out the form below


The Bee Hive Club is now open. The Club is based in the Bee Hive which is the nursery building currently.

Opening Times

The Bee Hive Club is open to children between 7.45am – 8.45am & 3.20pm - 6.00pm every school day.

There is a minimum of two qualified members of staff and a ratio of one member of staff to eight children under the age of eight years.

The Bee Hive Admissions Policy

The Bee Hive (Before and After School Club) will admit any child who attends St Ambrose School subject to availability of places, and the admissions criteria below.

The Bee Hive Morning Club will accept up to 20 children on any one day.  The Bee Hive Evening Club will accept up to 20 children on any one day. The club operates a minimum staffing of one adult per eight children under the age of 8 years.

Term Dates

Term Dates
Autumn Term 1 Monday 4th September - Friday 27th October
Autumn Term 2 Monday 6th November - Friday 22nd December
Spring Term 1 Monday 8th january - Friday 9th February
Spring Term 2 Monday 19th february - Friday 22nd March
Summer Term 1 Monday 8th April - Friday 24th May
Summer Term 2 Monday 3rd June - Monday 22nd July
Staff Training Days Monday 4th, Tuesday 5th September 23. Friday 6th October 23. Friday 9th February 24. Monday 22nd July 24.

Kind Regards,

Mrs Laskey and Mrs Brocklesby