In Phonics, St Ambrose follow the Read Write Inc Phonics programme by Ruth Miskin. This programme is a method of teaching reading which is centred around learning the sounds of the letters (phonics), and then blending them together to read words. Following this method of teaching also provides children with the opportunity to learn to break down words into individual sounds in order to write them.

Using Read Write Inc the children learn to read effortlessly so that they can put all their energy into understanding what they read.
When using 'Read Write Inc' to read the children will:
Learn 44 sounds and the corresponding letter/letter groups using simple picture prompts
Learn to read words by blending the sounds together
Read lively stories featuring words they have learnt to sound out
Show that they understand the stories by answering 'Find It' and 'Prove it' discussion questions.
Read Write Inc allows the children to spell effortlessly so that they can put their energy into working out what they want to write.
When using 'Read Write Inc' to write the children will:
Learn to write the letters/letter groups which represent the 44 sounds (graphemes)
Learn to write words by sounding them out and then writing the corresponding graphemes
Learn to write simple and then increasingly complex sentences
Compose a range of texts using discussion prompts
Compose stories based on picture strips. 

Fresh Start Phonics Reading Intervention

Some children in Year 4 - 6 take part in the 'Fresh Start Read Write Inc' reading intervention to support them to read accurately and fluently with good comprehension. It also teaches them to spell correctly and compose their ideas for writing step-by-step.

Our children enjoy reading the programme's lively stories and non-fiction texts which are both age appropriate and closely matched to their increasing knowledge of phonics and ‘tricky’ words and as they re-read the texts, their fluency increases.

Emmaus CMAC
St Ambrose Catholic Primary School Ofsted
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